A Natural Stone Company


Travertine Selections


For home decking and patio

ANS has Arizona’s widest selection of travertine and limestone pavers, fit for any job imaginable. Visit our online gallery for more information on the options available or come to our store and see the stone in person. We can connect you with several distributors located in the valley, as well.

Pool Copings
Add texture to your pool

If you are looking to make your home swimming area unique and different, we have many different options of copings available. We stock copings in almost every color, and we also offer different sized thicknesses for a more luxurious look. We also stock, corner copings, opposite side copings, and four-sided caps for any job type. Call for any questions or concerns.

The Wall System
A customizable wall built like Legos

The Wall System is of our own invention and we currently hold the patent for its proprietary interlocking system. There are endless possibilities for this product, ranging from benches, fireplaces, and much, much more. Easy to assemble and sturdy in construction, a wall system project usually takes less then an hour to build but lasts a lifetime.


Find a Dealer Near You

The idea here is to have a search bar. When a zip code is entered, a 3-5 distributors in that area are highlighted along with their contact information. A small list below the map will also so more options. A google map search for a specific number of vendors.